Love is the Ultimate Spice

Love is the Ultimate Spice

Posted by Melissa Kloz on Feb 9th 2017

“I’ve known Lance since way before broth was cool. He’s been die hard committed to the best possible quality of every ingredient that goes into his magic elixir as well as the long, slow cooking process that makes his broth such powerful healing medicine. The Flavor Chef is my #1 source of bone broth personally and for everyone in my online tribe. You can’t beat products that are made with honesty, integrity, and authenticity.”

– Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist, Author, TV Show Host

We’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day- the celebration of love- and we’re big fans of LOVE here at

Chef Lance trademarked the phrase, “Love is the Ultimate Spice” in 2007, at the genesis of his journey toward creating the most delicious, healing, traditional bone broth on the market.

Now, many times we think of love in the romantic sense. But there are so many other forms of love. The Greek language has SIX different words for love, in order to distinguish between the many types of love we can express or receive.

One of their words for love is “AGAPE.” Agape is a selfless love- extended toward everyone- as in universal loving kindness. It is a gift that doesn’t have to be earned.

We strive to express this AGAPE LOVE energy in every step of the process of creating our bone broths. From using only organic, humane, high quality ingredients, to way the ingredients are handled, to using proper traditional techniques, to conducting every aspect of the business with integrity, and to our everyday conduct and interactions.

In yesterday’s Facebook Live episode, Chef Lance talked about the book Nourishing Traditions, and how it was the inspiration for his bone broth. He talked about those two words: NOURISHING and TRADITION and what they mean to him.

Something that is nourishing is edifying: it builds you up, sustains you, and promotes growth rather than decay. And traditions are repeated because they are established, tested, and worthy. This is the crux of why and how we do bone broth, and why Love is the Ultimate Spice.

And the LOVE is spreading:

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Next, we’ve got a new website being unveiled next week.

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