Organic AIP Chicken Bone Broth (Autoimmune Protocol)

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Organic Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Chicken Bone Broth by The Flavor Chef
No Onions | No Garlic | No Salt


The Flavor Chef’s Signature,
Genuine Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Bone Broth 

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Ingredients: Organic Chicken Bones, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Parsley

Our Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) bone broth is specifically crafted to meet the needs of those following The Autoimmune Protocol diet. We use Palomar Mountain Spring Water, Organic Chicken Bones, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, and Organic Parsley to provide a healthy and delicious cornerstone for The Autoimmune Protocol diet.

This Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Bone Broth needs to remain Frozen for up to 6-months or Refrigerated for 7-10 days.

Better Then Grandma Used to Make! 

Take your Frozen Bone Broth from the freezer and place in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Put contents in a saucepan and bring to a low simmer. Once at a simmer, turn the heat off and consume! Save the rest by allowing to cool and putting in a mason jar, or glass container then refrigerating. If you follow this process you’ll see your Broth become very gelatinous!

Process: We decant your Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Bone Broth straight from our kettles after 18 hours. After a 4-phase filter process, our Broth is cool enough to package (70 degrees Fahrenheit). Once packaged in our Stand-Up, BPA free Zipper Pounces, we heat-seal each unit for consumer safety. These units are then frozen immediately.

Proper Gelatin: Because of the freezing process, our Broth expands in weight by about 2oz with ice crystals. Bringing the Broth to a simmer evaporates this excess water, leaving your Broth in its highly Gelatinous natural state.


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    Delicious AIP broth

    Posted by Karla on Oct 19th 2019

    Flavor Chef AIP broth is the best chicken broth I have ever tasted. It has better flavor than the broth I make in my own kitchen. It is VERY gelled--perfect!

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    AIP Chicken Bone Broth

    Posted by Jifi on Aug 23rd 2019

    The best bone broth I've tried - and very few vendors offer AIP-compliant broth. Would like to see a change in the packaging for shipping which is not environmentally friendly and difficult to recycle.

  • 5
    Organic AIP Chicken Bone Broth

    Posted by Sherry Bell on Aug 8th 2019

    This is the best of numerous chicken broths I have used.

  • 5
    Amazingly tasty!

    Posted by Melissa Bailey on Oct 13th 2018

    I add a little bit of salt to mine and sip a cup of warm broth daily. It is so comforting. I am using it for gut repair and it is the first bone broth, including homemade and ones that I have ordered online, that I have not had a bad reaction to. Thank you for making an AIP bone broth!

  • 5
    AIP Chicken Bone Broth

    Posted by Jody Claiborne on Oct 9th 2018

    Your product is superb. It has a delicious flavor. It has taken the place of my second cup of coffee. After using it for about 3 months I realized that my shoulders weren’t hurting anymore! Thank you for a great product.

  • 5
    AIP Chicken

    Posted by Unknown on May 24th 2018

    I LOVE this bone broth!! Very fresh and delicious tasting!!

  • 5
    ND prescribed

    Posted by Lisa on Nov 11th 2017

    The only bone broth I'll buy due to high quality ingredients, meticulous preparation and company/product transparency. The Flavor Chef's AIP Chicken Bone Broth is an integral part of healing from autoimmune diseases. Soothing, delicious and glow-inducing!

  • 5
    AIP Chicken Bone Broth

    Posted by Michele on Nov 3rd 2017

    This bone broth has been a lifesaver for me! Lyme disease and the treatment really messed up my gut, and there were very few foods I could get down. This was one of them, and it helped speed up my gut repair. Super tasty, too!

  • 5
    Finally! AIP Bone Broth!

    Posted by Amber on Nov 2nd 2017

    I first learned of this bone broth from an email I received from Dr. Tom O’Bryan. I was excited and thankful to discover that a small-batch company was making REAL AIP friendly bone broth! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (MS) 5 years ago and have made bone broth a staple in my healing journey (leaky gut was one of the culprits of my diagnosis). I am sensitive to many food ingredients, and am happy to see limited ingredients in this broth. I have also tried the other two flavors of chicken (lemon-ginger-coconut, and regular) and I do not have a reaction to any of them! I use this one for sipping, and the other two for soup bases. I LOVE these broths! Thank you Flavor Chef!