"As a stage three cancer survivor - bone broth was and still is one of my medicines. I'm so grateful for Chef Lance and all of his conscious care in creating this medicinal food. I appreciate his sources for water, and of course the certified organic and humane chickens are equally important to me. Plus I feel great when I drink bone broth! Even in the depths of chemo, it was like drinking coffee, and I felt like my body responded immediately. I'm grateful to share this beautiful soup with my children, my family and as many friends as I can - it's a gift!" - Megan Pischke, Marketing / Health + Wellness Manager at Boarding for Breast Cancer


"I have personally known The Flavor Chef (Lance Roll) for close to 10 years. In my experience, he truly cares about the planet, people, and our health. This is important to me, as Chef Lance's care pours directly into the broth he creates for us and his family. This, in my opinion, takes the broth to another level as if the HEART of the chef is in the product, for me that increases the healing potential of the broth. Might this sound a bit esoteric? For sure it does ;), and my belief in Chef Lance and what he does has a very strong placebo effect and I'm 100% ok inviting that into my body. Do yourself a favor and trust in the flavor of this chef I'm proud to call a friend." - Jator Pierre, WE Holistic Lifestyle Coaching


"Need chicken soup for your body and soul? I love to make it myself, but if I don’t have time, my friend Chef Lance Roll, The Flavor Chef, is the man for the job. He has perfected the art and craft of bone broth. In fact, I even used it as a reference in my book, Nourishing Broth! He brews his bone broth at low temperature with Palomar Mountain Spring Water and only certified organic ingredients. All his broths and soups, including his grass fed and grass finished beef bone broth and his luxurious coconut soup, are rich, nutritious and soup-er delicious. No one does broth better. Thanks Chef Lance for creating an amazing product!" - Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN, co-author of Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for a Modern World


"There is no question now of the health benefits to Bone Broth. It will reduce inflammation, neutralize endotoxin (crud in the blood), and turn genes on to heal Intestinal Permeability. Now the question is "who's got quality Bone Broth"? There is no higher quality Bone Broth than from Chef Lance, The Flavor Chef. Slow cooked (to reduce glutamate), organic chickens. This is the best commercial bone broth I have ever tasted and feel very safe recommending it to my most sensitive patients." - Dr. Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, Founder of www.theDr.com


"In 2009 Lance came to me with his idea of providing bone broth for those who were overwhelmed with the idea of making their own. Fantastic idea! Chef Lance has provided our clients and friends with his incredibly nourishing bone broth, as well as meat stock for those on the GAPS™ Intro Diet, with a consistency we can count on. His attention to detail, such as using spring water, is evident. Always delicious, always gelatinous and always with the best ingredients available!" - Kim Schuette, CN, CGP, Certified Nutritionist, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Board Member-Weston A. Price Foundation, Biodynamic Wellness-Founder


"I love The Flavor Chef Bone Broth! You can taste Lance Roll’s dedication to sourcing the best ingredients, right down to using Palomar Mountain spring water for his broth. While I love them all, my favorite is the Chicken Bone Broth Soup with coconut, ginger, mint and lemon. I also appreciate that he offers a “No” Bone Broth for my vegan friends." - Heather Dane, Health Coach & 21st Century Medicine Woman, Co-Author of 2 books with Louise Hay: Loving Yourself to Great Health and The Bone Broth Secret


"The Flavor Chef’s real bone broths are functional and delicious. I use his products regularly and incorporate his products into my recommendations to clients as a way to hydrate and to buoy low blood sugar. Hydrate, balance, and nourish in one simple step...Chef’s broths are an excellent food that wholly support the body’s foundational functions. Mugs-Up!" - Garret Williams, NTP, Trusted Advisor and Care Integrator, Heritage Wellness, LLC


"In a word, bone broths from Chef Lance and The Brothery are simply magic. It's a multivitamin, a medicine for all kinds of ailments, and a delicious food all wrapped up in one. It keeps you healthy, helps you recover when sick, is one of the most nourishing foods on the planet and is ridiculously easy to heat up and sip the healing goodness that lies within. As a holistic healthcare practitioner, master trainer, health coach and sports nutritionist, I've been prescribing and recommending Chef Lance's bone broth for years because it's considered a cornerstone in the pantheon of "food as medicine". However, for me, it can be somewhat intimidating to make so I suggest purchasing it from The Brothery. It's a concentrated form of nature's love in a small package and it has Chef Lance's meticulous slow simmering process, which takes at least 24 hours, 18 of which are on low temperatures. As the ingredients simmer together all of the nutrients are pulled from the organic free range chicken bones. The result is a large amount of liquid collagen or gelatin, which helps aid the body in repairing a plethora of things. Thank you Chef Lance for all you do for this world and for giving my body the needed cellular nutrition when I was suffering from a life threatening blood clot. I am a fan of The Brothery for life!" - Ingo G. Loge', CCN, HHP, PES, Professional Speaker, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach at The Wellness CSI


"I've known The Flavor Chef, Lance Roll, for over 10 years. During that time, it has become incredibly obvious that he leads with his heart and puts an immense amount of care and love into his craft. Lance is a master at creating wholesome, health supportive products that are simultaneously delicious. Over the years I've enjoyed the benefits of consuming countless gallons of his bone broth, which helps keep my body and mind very happy and healthy!" - JP Sears, Author of How To Be Ultra Spiritual


"Bone broth is a nutrient dense food that can transform your health, but can be time consuming to implement into a busy lifestyle. If you are looking for some tasty—and nutritious—bone broth that you don’t need to cook yourself, let Chef Lance do the work for you! Certified Humane / verified non-GMO bone broth (organic chicken and grass-fed beef) made with Palomar Mountain Spring Water is what he offers, and they even have AIP options—great for those with Hashimoto’s. Chef Lance’s mission statement is “to help heal the planet one GI tract at a time.” That’s a message I can stand behind! I highly recommend Chef Lance’s bone broth - it’s remarkable in taste and quality and will save you precious time in your healing journey." - Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP, Pharmacist and NYT Bestselling Author of Hashimoto’s the Root Cause


"I have known Lance personally for many years through the Chek institute. I always take advantage of his delicious meal delivery service when I travel to California. My favorite part is the amazing variety of bone broths he delivers with the food! I once had the opportunity to visit The Brothery and was witness to how many bones actually go into the creation of the broth. This is the reason that the broth you get is so gelatinous! My connection and love for Lance grew to the next level when my partner had a major heart attack and spent 2 months in the hospital back in 2014. Lance reached out to me and sent a HUGE stockpile of bone broth as a gift to aid in his healing. It was that moment that I got to see how big of a heart is behind the soup. They say that the secret ingredient to good healing food is love and there is no shortage of that when you order from Lance Roll!" - Nicole DeVaneyC.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3

bone-broth-testimonial-paul-check.jpg"I love Chef Lance's bone broth! My family and my young son Mana and I regularly enjoy it's nutritious benefits. I encourage all of my new mothers to use bone broth regularly because it is so highly nutritious. I recommend bone broth to my students and clients who are in the midst of healing from many different health challenges. I find it useful for general mineral support, bone and cartilage healing, gut healing, warming the body, and much more. Bone broth is a very good food to prevent and recover form the damaging effects of osteoporosis. Chef Lance truly adds his love, the ultimate spice, to every batch!" - Paul Chek, Author: How to Eat Move and be Healthy, Founder of C.H.E.K. Institute PPs success mastery program

bone-broth-testimonial-sean-croxton.jpg"They call him The Flavor Chef for a reason! Chef Lance’s bone broth is, in my opinion, the most delicious broth on the market today. Beyond the flavor, it’s my go-to broth for healing the gut, boosting the immune system, and rejuvenating my joints. Plus, it’s made with 100% real food. JERF!” - Sean Croxton, co-founder of The JERF Bar

bone-broth-testimonial-christa-orecchio.jpg"I've known Lance since way before broth was cool. He's been die hard committed to the best possible quality of every ingredient that goes into his magic elixir as well as the long, slow cooking process that makes his broth such powerful healing medicine. The Flavor Chef is my #1 source of bone broth personally and for everyone in my online tribe. You can't beat products that are made with honesty, integrity, and authenticity." - Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist, Author, TV Show Host