The Flavor Chef

The Flavor Chef began with its signature organic product “Genuine Chicken Bone Broth”. Product development of the Chicken Bone broth began in 2007 with the introduction and influence of The CHEK Institute and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  During the period of 2007- 2010, Bone Broth was provided only to TFC clients. In 2011, distribution of the Bone Broth began. It was on a very small scale to a few small Wellness and Nutrition companies who believed in the product and its concept. In order to sell our product to the public, The Flavor Chef became State Certified (CDPH) in 2012.  Currently, Genuine Chicken Bone Broth has distribution in San Diego Counties to well known natural food stores with the anticipation of adding more local SD and Orange County stores in 2015.

In January of 2013, The Flavor Chef launched an e-commerce store The Brothery® distributes Genuine Chicken Bone Broth nationwide and ships across the USA weekly. Chef Lance is considered by many to be an expert in the industry and his production. He has been sought after for multiple interviews on internet pod casts, wellness summits, and national blog talks such as The Underground Wellness Show with Sean Croxton and with Katie, The Wellness Mama. Chef Lance has also had multiple interviews and demonstrations on local news channels such as Fox News In The Morning and most recently San Diego Living. Chef Lance is proud to be a published author in multiple local publications such as The CHEK Report and SIA magazine. In 1999 he also published a Cookbook with 10,000 copies in print.  The Flavor Chef ® has an extensive client list including some well known clients which are considered colleagues and reputable references.

  • San Diego Botanical Gardens
  • The Encinitas Rotary Club
  • Christa Orrechio- The Whole Journey
  • Sean Croxton- Underground Wellness
  • Marci Peters- Nutritionist and Transformational Health Coach
  • EZIA- Human Performance
  • Paul Check- The CHEK Institute

These highly regarded institutions, along with other local Health &Nutrition experts and hundreds of their practitioners, have helped build much of The Flavor Chef success.

In summary, The Flavor Chef® has an established reputation for excellence. It is a solid company with a stellar 7-year history of accomplishments and continued growth in each year.  The flavor chef owns 4 registered trademarks with the USPTO:

The Flavor Chef®: 2 Categories Food and Entertainment

Love is The Ultimate Spice®

Broth Is Good For You… Promotes a Healthier You®

The Brothery®

The Flavor Chef® is very proud to support and sponsor several local community organizations, county events and non-profits including but not limited to;

  • Autism Tree
  • San Diego County Fair Culinary Pavilion
  • The San Diego Botanical Gardens
  • Helen Woodward
  • Sante Fe Chrtistian
  • Rady’s Childrens Hospital
  • Casa de Amparo
  • Kristie’s Foundation and many more.