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"I've known Lance since way before broth was cool. He's been die hard committed to the best possible quality of every ingredient that goes into his magic elixir as well as the long, slow cooking process that makes his broth such powerful healing medicine. The Flavor Chef is my #1 source of bone broth personally and for everyone in my online tribe. You can't beat products that are made with honesty, integrity, and authenticity."

Christa Orecchio
Clinical Nutritionist, Author, TV Show Host

"They call him The Flavor Chef for a reason! Chef Lance’s bone broth is, in my opinion, the most delicious broth on the market today. Beyond the flavor, it’s my go-to broth for healing the gut, boosting the immune system, and rejuvenating my joints. Plus, it’s made with 100% real food. JERF!"

Sean Croxton
co-founder of The JERF Bar

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